Toy Suggestions by Age

October 16, 2010
It's not easy choosing what toy to get, esp if you're choosing for your grandchildren!  As such, we have compiled an informal guide to suggested toys by age group.


Perspex mirrors
Black and white focus toys
Baby swing
Cot bumper
Suction toys
Balls/rolling toys
Activity play gym
Stacking/nesting cups
Tunnel (in Sports section)
Water play toys
Pop up toys
Weighted roly poly toys
Wooden blocks

Toddlers (from 12 months)

Pull along toys
Hammer and peg toys
Peg board
Simple jigsaws (with chunky knobs)
Bead frame
Musical instruments
Ride on toys
Rocking seesaw
Plastic blocks
Buzz About Mailbox
Push along toys - small (cars/trucks etc)
         - large (prams, supermarket trolley etc)

From approx 18 months (when they get into imaginative play)

Dolls house, dolls sets
Many Fisher Price/Little Tikes sets (will mostly be in the Adventure/Imagination section)
Shape sorters
Wooden train sets
Wooden oven

Preschool – 3 years

Sand digger
Dress ups
Stand on seesaw (in Sports section)
Magnifying glasses
Magnetic boards/jigsaws
Investigation boards (magnetic/magnify, in Other section)
Bug viewers
Farm set
Pretend animals
Jigsaws (10 – 20 pieces)
Simple matching games
Medical kit
Baking set
Threading boards
Cutting toys (such as wooden fruit set)

4 years plus

Wooden clothesline
Stencil sets (in Other section)
More complicated games, such as Shopping List
Puppet theatre
Cash register, play money
Swingball, basketball hoop
Large floor puzzles


Having A Party?

September 10, 2010
Wondering how to entertain the kids?

Rangitikei Toy Library has a great selection of larger toys to choose from, to help your party run smoothly.

Become a member and you can enjoy that birthday party once more!
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Hey There Doll!

September 9, 2010
Is your boy suddenly doll mad – but you don’t have any dolls, let alone a dolls house?

Or does your girl want to have a motel for her dolls to visit?

Have a look at the selection at Rangitikei Toy Library – several to choose from, and they include poseable dolls, as well as a shower and TV.  Who said toys were boring??
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When is Rangitikei Toy Library Open?

August 10, 2010
Can't Remember Rangitikei Toy Library Opening Times?  Me either!  So pick up one of our fridge magnets when you next pop in.  In fact, pick up some for your friends too.

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Rangitikei Toy Library has a website!

August 10, 2010
Welcome to the Rangitikei Toy Library - we're delighted you've found us! 

Please visit us regularly for updates.
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